Heritage is anything of value from the past that gives meaning and identity to the present and inspire future generation. Cultural heritage includes all the products of human activities which have a bearing on development, progress, history, community and personal identity. The University of Santo Tomas which its four hundred years of history can truly proud of its heritage, evidence in various modalities. For cultural heritage defined as tangible-immovable. The University has, within its campus, historic monuments and buildings. And when it comes to tangible-movable cultural heritage, the contents of the archives and the museum are innumerable. These give the University an unparalleled cultural-historical significance and also the great responsibility to conserve and pass these to future generations. However, the process of conservation requires understanding and research. For although these objects and structures are available to heritage workers, enthusiasts and students who wish to embark on serious research pertaining to Cultural Heritage. In fact, Heritage and Research are much intertwined, since Cultural Property and Environment with high historic, aesthetic, social and scientific significance are properly understood only through research. It is a systematic human activity, which in turn brings about products considered to be essential part of heritage.

The core of the center’s services includes consultancy, researches, trainings, workshops and publication ensuring that cultural heritage, specifically in the tropics is taken care of. USTGS-CCCPET believes that in order to achieve such an enormous task, the Center needs to establish partnership with local, national and international organization in the cultural heritage sector.

The USTGS-CCCPET is one of the three extension office of the Graduate School which was officially inaugurated in the 4th day of September 2003 that serves as the organizing body to hold the flagship of the cultural heritage research concerns in the University.


The USTGS-CCCPET commits itself as an active agent for development, preservation, protection and promotion of the Filipino cultural heritage in partnership with institutions on the local, national, and international levels.


The USTGS-CCCPET envisions itself as the center of choice of the University that values, promotes, protects and preserves the cultural property and environment in the tropics, often at risk in the changing world, through consultancy, research, education and training services.

Goals & Objectives

  1. To promote an atmosphere conducive to and provide opportunities for research led by the Graduate School – Master of Arts in Cultural Heritage Studies program;
  2. To conduct exchanges in research and collaboration in projects among the professions responsible for the care of the cultural heritage and related activities in the tropics;
  3. To render services by providing consultation, training, technical assistance to institutions, cultural heritage workers and students;
  4. To disseminate information and promote deeper understanding of conservation and care of cultural property and environment in the tropics through the conduct of conferences, seminars, training and publication.